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The Crafty Quest Box is a five part adventure story based around crafts that kids love. After running an after school fantasy adventure club for a couple of years, we knew the kinds of creatures, challenges, and crafts that kids would want. Designed with ages 5 and up in mind, your adventurer will get to create a character to go on a quest and track their success by putting stickers on a map of The Realm of Faelorne. They'll create potions, meet fairies, rescue Loneheart the Unicorn from the seriously hungry Rumbletummy Goblins, and story-tell their way past an ancient dragon-like beast known as The Snackalot. 

Crafty Quest Box

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Includes:

    • Booklet including the adventurous story and crafting directions.
    • All materials needed for 5 crafting activities.
    • Folder with activity sheets, including a character sheet and map.
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