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Kids Arcanum

Home of The Crafty Quest Box Adventures!

Our first Crafty Quest Adventure Box is a five part, story-driven fantasy adventure for kids in grades K-5. It's perfect for kids who love fairies, dragons, magic wands, goblins and saving the day. Your little adventurer will learn the basics of role-playing fantasy games, with crafts to keep them engaged and that make the story come to life.

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Crafty Quest Boxes 1 & 2!

Our first product to launch is the Crafty Quest Box, RUMMBLETUMMY: THE RESCUE OF LONE HEART. (Over 450 sold!) It's a five part role-playing adventure box for kids that includes everything they need to save the Realm of Faelorne from certain doom. The exciting story, original artwork, and crafting tasks along the way keep the young adventures engaged and excited. We can't wait for you to try it. We promise you will also love the sequel, BOX 2 - PROPHECY OF THE ELDER TOOTH! Both adventures are currently available at renaissance faires we attend. HUZZAH!

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