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The Team

1Bruce Mirrors.jpg

Mike Best

CGO (Chief Gnome Officer)

Mike founded Kids Arcanum after running an after school fantasy crafting club at a local elementary school for two years. He's been gaming since he was a kid, and he loves helping kids develop a passion for the fantasy genre.

Bruce Tracy


Bruce is an artist, DJ, dance instructor, and owner/operator of The Vault After School Arts. His artwork is exciting, colorful, dynamic, and completely original.  We're so lucky to have him as part of our team.

Maureen Best

Renaissance Woman

An educator by trade, Maureen and Michael have been married for 10 years and have two kids together. She loves working behind the scenes to support our creative team with her web design, love of spreadsheets, and general organization skills.

Bobby Shaddox

Elvin Bard

Every kingdom needs a bard, and Bobby is ours'. By day, he's a middle school teacher and father. As Elaris of Evergreen, he writes and performs fantasy-based kids songs for events and parties. The Realm would not be the same without his creativity, spontaneity, and wit.

1Jill Bio.png

Jill O'Connor

Forest Elf

Jill often pops up for guest appearances appearances as Elbeth the Forest Elf.  When not elfing, she's a children's/youth librarian. El, as she likes to be called, is a great story teller and very knowledgeable about the other magical creatures in the Forest.



Our company familiar appears in many forms- wizard, dragon, bunny. One trait remains the same no matter his form, however. He is always a very good boy.

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