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June 4, 2022

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What is the Craft & Quest Adventure?
The Craft & Quest Adventure is a special "in person" fantasy themed crafty adventure we run for various groups and parties. The adventure is a blend of crafting (usually two very short and easy crafts) and role-play (think "Choose your own adventure") and is led by an adult story-teller in character. While all groups experience an element of role-playing within the adventure, smaller groups (10 - 15 kids) of older kids will dabble with dice, character creation, and limited RPG game mechanics/rules. No matter the quest, the adventure is meant to be a very easy introduction to the world of fantasy adventure and role-playing!  The group can be any size and we adjust the adventure activities accordingly. The age range for our intrepid adventurers is typically 6 - 12 years old.  We have run adventures with group sizing ranging from a dozen kids to 70 kids!

What are the Craft & Quest options?
We have a few established Craft & Quest adventure options, but really, any adventure can be specialized to your interests! Examples of popular themes are: FAIRIES, DRAGONS, UNICORNS, MERMAIDS, KNIGHTS, & GNOMES. Do you like ORCS? DWARVES? VIKINGS? Use your imagination and we will make it happen! We have a variety of crafting activities that we can incorporate into our adventures so just email us and we would be happy to discuss some fun options! We also offer "bulk" crafting services for large events and are happy to discuss options. Typically, this might include some of the following: A themed coloring table, mask decoration, painting, and a magical scavenger hunt. PLEASE NOTE: We understand that while the fantasy genre is loaded with battles and monsters, we try not to use scary themes and ALWAYS encourage young adventurers to find peaceful solutions to encounters with bad guys. Please also be reassured that our crafting activities DO NOT include any sort of traditional medieval weapons. Shields and wands yes. Weapons no. 

How long does the Craft & Quest take?
We allot at least an hour for the Craft & Quest, but very often the adventures hover around an hour and a half and that's just fine with us! Setup may take another half an hour or so as well. For larger events, we have often run crafting tables over the course of a whole day.

How much does the Craft & Quest cost?
We like to think we are affordable, and we are flexible on pricing. Since most of our adventures are custom built, we can work with you to make sure kids can get the EPIC adventure they need! That being said, the minimum charge is $225 per session. This pricing example reflects up to 15 kids and includes our time, crafting supplies, and other special items, depending on the nature of the activities.  We are based out of Portland, Maine so this may increase depending on distance to your location, how "fancy" you want the event to be, and whether or not more than 15 kids are being planned for.  We WANT kids to have these experiences, so we are happy to fit your budget. FRIENDS, we want to make this happen for everyone, and our MISSION is to get kids vibing on the fantasy genre. We are flexible and open to fun ideas so please shoot us an email and let's GET THIS ADVENTURE STARTED!

Join the HUNDREDS of kids who have enjoyed our crafting adventures! We can't wait to ADD YOU TO OUR SHIELD WALL!  HUZZAH!!


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