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Custom Parties and Events

Tailored to your little adventurers imagination, and your budget.

Our parties and special events are customizable for two very important reasons.

First, we can tailor the party to your particular interests. Dragons and Unicorns?  We can do that!  Fairies and goblins? Done.

Trolls, orcs? Done. Mermaids and selkies? Bring it on.

Secondly, we want to design something that fits your budget. Give us a call or send us an email to discuss your price point,

and we'll do all we can to make it happen.

We've provided examples of some parties we've curated and hosted before to give you an idea of the wide varieties of activities and pricing we offer. Note that the price per child does not include the appearance fee for Gillyhoo and friends, since the price varies based on the length of the party, and the number of friends we bring with us.


Magic Wand and
Fairy/Gnome House

$8 per child

This crafting combo is especially fun for in-person outdoor events, but it works over Zoom as well. 

Each child guest receives:

  • Wooden magic wand (to paint)

  • Fairy/Gnome house to paint and decorate

  • 4 paint colors

  • Glue

  • Shiny acrylic gems for the house

  • Steampunk-inspired gears for the house

**Gnome house decorations can be supplemented by items the kids find outside- sticks, acorn tops, rocks, etc.

1Dragon Party.jpg

The Dragon's Lair

$22 per child

Each child quest receives:

  • Magic Wand

  • Large plastic egg containing a TY Beanie Boo dragon familiar 

  • Sticky acrylic gem strips and foam leaf stickers decorate your egg

  • Plaster dragon statue for painting

  • 6 paint colors and a paint brush


Unicorn Deluxe

$25 per child

Each child guest receives:

  • Unicorn headband

  • Large plastic egg containing a TY Beanie Boo unicorn familiar 

  • Sticky acrylic gems to decorate egg

  • Plaster unicorn statue for painting

  • 8 paint colors and a paint brush

  • Magic wand to cast spells

  • Plaster rainbow keepsake box for the kids to paint after Gillyhoo leaves, to keep the action going!

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